Gartner Predicts Lots of BYOD App Stores

Gartner App Stores MAM BYODIn a recent press release Gartner has stated that by 2017, 25 percent of enterprises will have enterprise app stores as part of their mobile strategies. As the numbers of devices grow along with the number of mobile applications utilized within an organization, enterprise app store will give organizations greater control over the type of apps that are used and available. Along with their estimation about the number of enterprises utilizing app stores they highlight three trends and recommendations on how organizations can utilize and benefit from them.

Gartner suggests that one key feature to the success of an enterprise app store is an abundance of options. Like a clothing store you want to have options. You want to have choices in order to find the right fit and something that works for you. If the store only sells one type of shirt and one type of pant you probably won’t come back. Well an enterprise app store is exactly the same way. You want to have app choices so employees can find the best apps for their business functions and activities. Gartner writes, “A dramatic increase in the app options available to internal stakeholders is a precondition of any successful enterprise app store.”

A few other suggestions and trends Gartner has seen include:

The increasing number of enterprise mobile devices and the adoption of mobile device management (MDM) by enterprises will drive demand and adoption of enterprise app stores.”

Enterprise app stores can support a more diverse and competitive automated software process requiring less procurement intervention.”

While we do agree with these assertions we feel that Gartner has left a critical recommendation out. They seem to have omitted the importance a Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution will play in the success of an enterprise app store. The app store will deal with the presentation, access and distribution of enterprise apps – the first phases of the application lifecycle. If apps are going to become such an integral part of an organization it is essential that you control the entire application lifecycle, and that is exactly what MAM does. The ability to control distribution, access, management, testing, status and usage should be a strong consideration for those enterprises looking to include an enterprise app store into their mobility strategy.

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