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Equifax Update: 2.4 Million More Americans Affected in Breach

equifax more americans exposed than believed


equifax more americans exposed than believed

Beleaguered crediting reporting agency Equifax today confirmed that more Americans than previously stated had their identity information exposed in the devastating breach last year. This is the second revision of the number of exposed Americans. In their first public statements, Equifax claimed 143 million consumers had their information exposed, only to later determine that the actual number was closer to 145.5 million.  

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According to a recent statement from Equifax, 2.4 million more Americans had their names and partial driver’s license information exposed in the breach. This brings the current total of affected individuals to 147.9 million Americans, not including Canadian and British citizens equally exposed. Equifax stressed that the newly discovered exposed citizens did not have other information, such as home addresses, breached.

Equifax has been recently come under renewed fire for its inadequate and ineffective customer assistance following the public reveal of the attack, and for delaying notifying affected parties for over a month after discovering the breach. Recent statements from the company also revealed that they had not notified the public or the government of the full extent of the data breach, raising more ire.  

The data breach took place on May 13, 2017. Equifax discovered the breach on July 29 and revealed the breach publically on September 7. The breach compromised millions of credit card numbers and social security numbers. It is considered one of, if not the, worst data breaches in history.

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