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How the EU-US Safe Harbor Ruling Could Threaten Digital Businesses

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Last week, in an irrevocable decision, the highest court in the European Union declared the EU-US Safe Harbor framework immediately invalid, a decision which places restrictions on how companies can transfer and use EU citizen data.

While it’s impossible to know the full business implications of European Court of Justice’s decision until we see this ruling significantly affects organizations that transfer and use European Union citizens’ data, which basically means it affects any consumer-facing digital business operating in the EU.

The court’s decision, based on the premise widely held in Europe that customer data is personal property, could require customer-facing businesses to engage with EU citizens to strengthen their privacy protections, and to increase data sharing transparency.

In this short video blog, UnboundID CEO Steve Shoaff and VP of Marketing Derick Townsend talk about the Court of Justice’s landmark decision and explain what it means for digital businesses.

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