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Passphrases for Humans: A Presentation from BSidesLV 2016

The idea of using passphrases for storing stronger secrets has been around since at least 1982, yet little work has been done to improve the usability of this method. Diceware, the de facto method and passphrase wordlist, contains wonderfully easy to remember words such as “aeneid”, “zh”, and “$$” (Let’s not get started on “h”, “hh”, “hhh” and “hhhh”). Moreover, extended language support for Diceware is often based on translations of the original wordlist, which contains numerous Americanisms such as “howdy”, “hubbub”, and “Boise”.

In this talk, Peerio CTO Florencia Herra-Vega and Project Manager Skylar Nagao discuss the problems facing passphrases in the present, and propose alternative approaches to passphrase wordlist generation.

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