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Ping Identity Announces Microsoft Azure MFA Integration

Ping Identity Announces Microsoft Azure MFA Integration

Ping Identity Announces Microsoft Azure MFA Integration

Today, identity security solution provider Ping Identity announced the integration of its Ping ID multifactor authentication (MFA) solution with the Microsoft Azure Active Directory and the Microsoft Active Directory Federation (Azure AD and ADFS, respectively).

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This MFA integration marks a new development in the relationship between Ping Identity and Microsoft; in fact, it is the third such integration. Enterprises can leverage PingAccess for Azure AD and PingFederate and Azure AD Connect. Users can select and utilize different authentication methods and protocols, allowing enterprises to utilize MFA wherever it is considered necessary.   

The new integration of Ping Identity and Microsoft will allow enterprises to efficiently move any application to Microsoft Azure AD.  According to a press release, PingID MFA enables a balance of secure access and ease of use for the end user and can enforce enterprise-tailored authentication policies.  

In a statement Loren Russon, Vice President of Product Management of Ping Identity, said: “The integration with Microsoft is vital for enterprises that rely on Office 365 and the Microsoft identity structure of Azure AD and on-premises Active Directory. Using PingID, enterprises can offer this contextual second-factor authentication, regardless of where the initial authentication occurs.”

PingID will become generally available on Septemeber 30. You can read more about the integration of the Ping Identity MFA solution and Microsoft Azure here.

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