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SecureAuth Corp + Core Security Reveals Gap Between Identity and Cybersecurity Silos

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SecureAuth Corp + Core Security Reveals Gap Between Identity and Cybersecurity Silos

Identity security solution provider SecureAuth Corp + Core Security today revealed the results of their Cybersecurity and Identity Gap Survey. Their findings were more than distressing: 59% of enterprises fail to align their cybersecurity measures with their identity practices, keeping those decisions separate. According to SecureAuth Corp + Core Security, this leaves enterprises vulnerable to cyber attacks and slows their remediation time when an attack does occur.

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About 24% of the survey’s respondents admit their enterprise is “completely siloed” when it comes to threat visibility—and this gap between identity and cybersecurity scales with the enterprise. SecureAuth Corp + Core Security found that technology managers are often unsure about what users have access to what digital assets, compounding the visibility issues. 19% said their enterprise approve access certifications without careful review.  

The study also found that 65% of respondents reported negative experiences with two-factor authentication and multifactor authentication in their enterprise, the current cure for credential abuse. 63% said that employees are refusing to download or use mobile apps as part of the authentication process, increasing experience friction. 59% said that employees’ reluctance to change their digital behaviors is altering their MFA deployment plans. Further, only 55% use multifactor to log into their corporate Windows endpoints, and 28% for Macintosh endpoints.

Jeff Kukowski, CEO of SecureAuth Corp + Core Security, said in a statement: “Despite increased spending on cybersecurity capabilities, breaches still continue to rise, showing the status quo is no longer good enough. The industry must begin to approach cybersecurity and identity management together to better detect and mitigate risks, rather than treat them as disparate silos that don’t communicate with each other and actually increase the threat surface.”

You can read the full SecureAuth + Core Security Cybersecurity and Identity Gap Survey here.      

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