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Video: Identity Management 101

ManageEngine Announces Launch of Privileged Identity Management Suite

Identity is the new Enterprise security perimeter. It’s one of the hottest, most important areas in information security today, and it’s also one of the fastest going business segments in IT—but it can also be one of the most confusing.

As technology improves, the volume of terminology around it increases—there’s a seemingly endless torrent of new terminology surrounding Identity Management, and the acronyms just keep piling up—IAM, IDM, PIM, PAM, SIEM, RBAC, SSO,—the list goes on and on. Worst of all, if can be difficult to find an explanation that doesn’t reference another half dozen ciphered terms.

If you are an executive or IT leader challenged with understanding the complex world of identity management, you are not alone.

Luckily, the good folks at Ping Identity have  created a series of videos that help explain key identity concepts with real world examples. After watching the first in the series, Identity Management 101, key Identity Management concepts such as authentication, two-factor authentication, authorization, role-based identity, single sign-on and provisioning will no longer seem like techno-word-salad.

This is one of the best basic explanations of Identity Management on the net, so sit back and enjoy this 8-minute video, and if you need any more explaining check out our Identity Management glossary and our 2016 IAM Buyer’s Guide. 


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