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Blueshift and Fuel Travel Create Automated Hotel Marketing Platform

Blueshift and Fuel Travel Create Automated Hotel Marketing Platform
Blueshift and Fuel Travel Create Automated Hotel Marketing Platform

Source: Blueshift

Solution provider Blueshift has announced a partnership with digital hotel industry agency Fuel Travel to offer a new AI-powered platform designed for the hotel industry. The new software is capable of one-to-one marketing as well as activating guest data.

Blueshift is a cross-channel marketing platform powered by AI technology that facilitates personalized customer recommendations, segmentation, and multi-channel marketing.

Fuel Travel is a full-service online marketing agency that specializes in providing software and digital marketing solutions to the hospitality industry. Fuel Travel’s main functionalities are to help enterprises develop strategies driven by direct revenue and improving customer service and support.

The new AI, provided by Blueshift and implemented by Fuel Travel, was designed to be an effective tool to assist the hotel and travel industries with a platform for their automation efforts. The AI features standard automated capabilities the vendor has become known for, as well as several functionalities that are unique to the new platform including, intelligent profiling, intelligent segmentation, intelligent targeting, predictive channel-of-choice, and predictive engagement time optimization.

“We are proud to be solving one of the industry’s long-standing problems: hoteliers will now have a ‘golden record’ of each guest, and they will be able to aggregate guest data from every system to a central location,” said Vijay Chittoor, Blueshift CEO. “These brands will then be able to use that data to craft one-to-one marketing campaigns that will drive more profit and increase guest satisfaction.”

“The integration between the Blueshift platform and Fuel’s GuestDesk online booking engine is going to give our customers a distinct advantage in the ongoing battle to win the attention of the guest,” said COO of Fuel Travel Stuart Butler.

According to a press release on the software, the platform will adhere to all existing data privacy laws, including Europe’s GDPR.

You can read more about the Blueshift-Fuel Travel Collaboration here

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