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Heap Launches Heap Illuminate to Identify New User Behavior Insights

Heap Illuminate
Heap Illuminate

Source: Heap

Heap recently announced a new suite of features for its digital analytics platform that will help clients uncover new insights into user behavior. Titled Heap Illuminate, the new toolset combines the functionalities of its preexisting behavioral dataset with an integrated, automated data science layer that analyzes the behaviors of digital users to identify significant points of friction and evaluate conversion paths. The new features are available now.

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Heap is a digital insight and analytics platform designed to help fast-moving product, marketing, and customer success team develop digital experiences that successfully attract, convert, and retain customers. The platform automatically collects and categorizes customer behavioral data to identify what’s important to their customers and improve their products and services accordingly.

With the release of Heap Illuminate, companies will have access to a platform that automatically analyzes customer behaviors and extract relevant insights that can help outline the conversion path for website visitors. Heap Illuminate can also make data-driven suggestions to identify missable business opportunities, resolve friction points, reduce the risk of confirmation basis, quickly locate high-value information, and, ultimately, make data-driven business decisions.

Dan Robinson, the CTO at Heap, says that “Anonymized data from thousands of digital experiences shows that 38% of funnels leave out a key user action. For teams trying to build great digital experiences, this is critical information about user behavior. Because we automatically collect all behavioral data from customers’ sites, we can leverage data science to quickly identify the events and correlations teams are missing, eliminate blind spots in their data, and automatically highlight the insights that will most impact the business.”

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