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Keap Announces New Landing Page and Funnel Builder Tools

Keap Tools
Keap Tools

Source: Keap

Keap has announced new landing page and funnel builder tools for its sales and marketing automation platform. These new Keap tools will help small businesses and entrepreneurs improve their lead capture, convert more leads, and grow their businesses. The landing page tools will be available in the Pro and Max editions of the Keap platform, with the all-new funnel builder functionality coming exclusively to the Max editions.

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Keap is a provider of CRM and marketing automation solutions designed with small businesses in mind. The company’s sales and marketing automation solutions can help SMBs convert more leads with personalized and automated follow-up messages, capture lead behavior, and increase engagement. Keap’s marketing automation capabilities can also integrate with third-party apps to help companies trigger additional sales opportunities.  Its three pricing models—Lite, Pro, and Max—can be configured based on how many users a company has in its system.

With the launch of these new funnel and landing page tools, Keap customers can streamline their sales funnels, improve the customer experience, simplify the growth process, and close more deals. The native funnel builder is designed to connect to Keap’s CRM system, allowing marketing information to flow freely between platforms. Meanwhile, the new landing page builder will enable users to embed information directly into their pages and leverage integrated features like appointments and checkout forms from within the page builder, which can help improve customer experiences and conversions.

Rajesh Bhatia, the Chief Technology Officer at Keap, says, “To maintain a competitive edge, entrepreneurs constantly need to find ways to increase the efficiency and productivity of themselves and their teams and find new ways to quickly point customers to the products and services they need. The latest enhancements allow them to eliminate integration headaches, create dynamic landing pages to easily capture more leads, and connect multiple landing pages to create effective sales funnels that move leads through faster, reducing the chaos that can stall business growth.”

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