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Marketo Fall Update Brings Improvements to Bizible and Sales Engage

Marketo Fall Update Brings Improvements to Bizable and Sales Engage
Marketo Fall Update Brings Improvements to Bizable and Sales Engage

Source: Marketo

Marketo recently released the notes highlighting the changes in it’s Fall 2018 update. Most notable in the patch notes are the updates to Bizible Discover and the integration of Sales Engage.

Marketo users will rely less on CRM. The update notes read “With the new option of defining Campaign rules within the Bizible settings, customers no longer need to jump through the hoops of installing a package or solution inside of their CRM to get started with Bizible .” Now users simply set up an account, set up the ad and CRM connections, and go through the settings.

Beginning with this update, Bizible Discover, which offers performance and data insights, will be rolling out to existing users from its beta state. Discover will be replacing Bizible Measure once it’s fully released. New customers from here out will start with Discover. “With the shift from beta to general availability, we’ve made updates to the database schema to allow for more efficient and complex queries,” read the notes.

Another Marketo addition originating from last spring, Sales Engage receives integration with Salesforce Lightning, the collection of tools and technologies behind a significant upgrade to the Salesforce platform This integration of Salesforce comes as an interesting surprise, given recent events. Last month, Marketo was purchased by Adobe, which is widely considered to be a market rival to Salesforce. The update also brings increased support to Microsoft Outlook users, allowing easier use of email for those working with Sales Engage.

The update will also be launching with a slightly refreshed iteration of Marketo Sky with improvements to the UI as well as enhancements to Marketo Performance Insights.

Marketo offers marketing automation as an application. All of Marketo’s applications can integrate with their Engagement Marketing Hub. The marketing hub also includes LaunchPoint partner applications, so users can build an optimal marketing platform for their needs.

Click here to read the full release notes from Marketo’s website.

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