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Maropost Launches JetSend, a New Transactional Email Software

Maropost Jetsend
Maropost Jetsend

Source: Maropost

Maropost has announced the launch of JetSend, a new transactional email software to help companies improve their deliverability. The new software can automatically send millions of emails per day and comes with a built-in MTA service for faster deliveries and higher inbox delivery rates. JetSend will operate as an independent platform, and users can sign-up for a free trial right now.

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Maropost’s multichannel marketing automation software uses advanced reporting, email automation, segmentation, social media management tools, and mobile marketing to help its users improve customer engagement and acquisition. Users can create and automate workflows on every channel and lifecycle stage from a simple dashboard and use event-driven workflows to nurture visitors on a path that reflects their behavior, all while using the Maropost dashboard to maintain a unified view of customer data.

The JetSend transactional email software platform is described as being “designed by developers for developers” and can send countless emails a month with a high deliverability rate. The solution uses algorithms and AI technology tools to provide first-class engagement insights and accurate data numbers for every email sent. JetSend also offers list management tools like dedicated IPs and built-in guardrails to help companies ensure that their communication efforts are consistently GDPR compliant.

Ross Andrew Paquette, the CEO of Maropost, says, “Maropost capitalized on our industry knowledge to create JetSend. We saw a strong appetite for transactional email solutions. And we did this our way: easy-to-use, powerful and reliable, with a strong focus on deliverability, which is already a unique, globally recognized value of Maropost Marketing Cloud. We’re excited to release JetSend into the world today.”

Learn more about Maropost and JetPost.

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