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The Top ActiveCampaign Training Courses

The Top ActiveCampaign Training Courses

The Top ActiveCampaign Training Courses

The editors at Solutions Review have compiled a list to spotlight some of the best ActiveCampaign training courses that marketing professionals can take online. Solutions Review participates in affiliate programs and may make a small commission from products purchased through this resource.

ActiveCampaign provides email marketing, marketing automation, CRM, and Sales Automation solutions to clients across industries. Like any software, though, ActiveCampaign has a learning curve, especially if you’re an aspiring marketing professional. To help you and your team get the most value from the ActiveCampaign platform, our editors have compiled some of the best ActiveCampaign training courses.

These online courses can be taken by beginner and intermediate users who want to sharpen their skills or get comfortable with the platform’s functionalities. This is not an exhaustive list but a collection that spotlights some of the best-reviewed courses available from trusted learning outlets.

The Top ActiveCampaign Training Courses

Course Title: ActiveCampaign Email Automation Masterclass

OUR TAKE: Professional educator and writer Sarah Cordiner has developed this course to help students learn the skills needed to get the most value out of ActiveCampaign’s email marketing automation capabilities.

Description: Taught by Sarah Cordiner, a professional educator and best-selling writer, this three-hour training course will walk you through setting up an ActiveCampaign account, getting started with the platform’s capabilities, and using them to start automating your email marketing efforts. Specific topics covered include editing and formatting emails, creating targeted campaigns, developing email automation sequences, building pipelines, launching deal stages, and more.


Course Title: The ActiveCampaign and Interest-Driven Sales Funnels Course

OUR TAKE: With nearly nine hours of video material, this training program will give you a proper introduction to the ActiveCampaign tools you can use to build and launch automations that increase subscriber engagement and, as a result, generate more sales.

Description: This bestselling course is taught by Nathan Williams—a marketing expert specializing in helping small businesses improve their sales funnels—and is curated to help ActiveCampaigns create automations that enhance sales. Students will learn how to create forms, design emails, run split-test campaigns, use automation to improve click-through rates, track the pages subscribers view, and build a sales funnel that helps them engage with their audience in better, more memorable ways.


Course Title: The ActiveCampaign Masterclass: A Complete Guide For Users

OUR TAKE: Kickstart your ActiveCampaign expertise by enrolling in this entry-level training course on Udemy, which covers everything from the platform’s fundamental features to common use cases and tips for success.

Description: Designed for beginners and intermediate users alike, this three-hour training course will provide students with step-by-step walkthroughs for customizing ActiveCampaign’s dashboard, using automations to eliminate repetitive work, creating custom forms optimized to capture email addresses, organizing customer data, segmenting contacts with tags and lists, sending custom email campaigns to contacts, improving email open rates, and using reports to track progress toward company goals.


Course Title: Getting Started with ActiveCampaign: A Complete Guide to Setup & Learn the Essentials

OUR TAKE: Available on Skillshare, this entry-level guide to ActiveCampaign will help you set up your account, get your bearings with its capabilities, and create your first campaign.

Description: With a total length of under two hours, this course can help newcomers to ActiveCampaign become familiar with the platform’s various tools and features. Students will receive insights into choosing the best plan for their business, navigating the platform’s dashboard, setting up the site tracking functionality, managing contacts, and using ActiveCampaign’s campaign tool to send emails to their target audiences.


Course Title: ActiveCampaign: Getting Started

OUR TAKE: Available on YouTube from ActiveCampaign, this playlist of introductory demos and walkthroughs can help you set up your account and see how the platform’s features work.

Description: This playlist of over thirty bite-size videos can help new and prospective ActiveCampaign users streamline the process of setting up the platform and using its tools. Topics covered in the videos include setting up site tracking, importing contacts, creating lists, publishing a form, grouping contacts with tags, using campaign templates, sending a campaign to specific lists, developing email automations, managing pipelines, and adding automations to the sales cycle.


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