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Twilio Announces Twilio Engage, a New Growth Automation Platform

Twilio Engage
Twilio Engage

Source: Twilio

Twilio has announced the launch of Twilio Engage. This new growth automation platform combines the Segment customer data platform with Twilio’s digital tools to provide marketers with the functionalities they need to build and scale end-to-end, omnichannel marketing campaigns. Twilio Engage is the newest addition to Twilio’s Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) and brings a marketing solution to its suite of sales and service platforms.

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Twilio is a global provider of a customer engagement platform developed to help companies across industries reinvent how they engage with customers. The unified platform can help companies connect with their customers on any digital channel and equips them with a suite of messaging, customer data, campaign, sales, and customer engagement tools for marketing, sales, and service teams.

With the launch of Twilio Engage, marketing teams can build and scale personalized marketing campaigns across channels. The growth automation platform will provide users with real-time customer insights, unlimited API extensibility, behavior-based automation, first-party customer data, and campaign dashboards to help marketers monitor engagement, optimize efficiency, and troubleshoot issues from a single platform.

Jeff Lawson—Twilio’s CEO and co-founder—made the following statement: “In today’s digital world, the most innovative companies are able to use their data to deliver exceptional, personalized customer engagement. That should be something that’s achievable for every brand, not just the biggest tech companies. It’s only possible with the best data, the best communication layer, and a building blocks approach to software — which is what we’re bringing together for the first time with Twilio Engage. Our vision is to democratize personalization, so companies of every size can deliver the tailored interactions customers expect.”

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