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Worthix Launches Worthix 2.0, an AI-Powered Customer Insight Platform

Worthix 2.0
Worthix 2.0

Source: Worthix

Worthix has announced the launch of Worthix 2.0, a new platform equipped with AI-powered customer insight features, an updated user interface, and natural language processing (NLP) technology. The Worthix 2.0 platform is also outfitted with the Worthix Decision Lab, which provides companies with additional tools for understanding customer expectations and building brand loyalty. Worthix 2.0 is available now.

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Worthix is a conversation-based and AI-powered SaaS platform for customer decision intelligence. The platform is built to help companies worldwide connect with customers, develop positive customer experiences, and measure expectations and decisions. Worthix can also help customers identify KPIs, track competitors, analyze data, rank investments, and more.

With the launch of Worthix 2.0, the company is offering its customers a suite of new capabilities to help them unlock deeper customer data and insights. These new capabilities include a proprietary AI called LUCI designed to facilitate customer conversations in any language and ask questions to identify what factors influence a customer. Worthix 2.0 users will also benefit from the Worthix Decision Lab, which uses predictive analytics to empower companies to automate simulated customer interactions and use them to test new strategies.

Guilherme Cerqueira, CEO and co-founder of Worthix, says, “With global markets undergoing change at a pace unprecedented even a year ago, companies have never had a greater need for dependable data on what’s really driving their customers’ purchases, and corresponding insights around the most business-critical actions to take and when in order to stay competitive. The new capabilities we’re delivering with the Worthix 2.0 Platform will allow companies to reach a new level of engagement with their customers and identify what elements of the customer experience make the greatest impact. Aligning their investment priorities to customers’ needs will help companies reach higher levels of overall business success.”

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