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Zendesk Acquires Cleverly, an AI-Powered Customer Experience Tool

Zendesk Acquires Cleverly
Zendesk Acquires Cleverly

Source: Zendesk

Zendesk recently announced that it had acquired Cleverly, an AI-powered solution. Cleverly uses automated workflows, knowledge management, real-time triage, agent assistance, and customer self-service tools to help customer support teams improve their productivity. This technology will be integrated into the Zendesk platform and enhance its existing AI solutions to help clients reduce costs, automate processes, and meet customer demand.

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Zendesk provides its customers with a CRM experience focused on customer service and sales needs. With sales automation software, pipeline visualization and management tools, mobile access, lead management, and reporting capabilities, Zendesk is a good fit for organizations that prioritize sales pipeline development and progression. The company also offers industry-specific solutions for education, healthcare, financial, government, manufacturing, retail, media, software, and telecommunications.

With the acquisition of Cleverly, Zendesk will expand its platform capabilities with an end-to-end AI layer for customer service. Zendesk will integrate Cleverly’s technology into its solutions and use it to help customer service agents, managers, and administrators improve their productivity and success with insight-driven automation, proactive workflow advice, and other AI-based tools.

Shawna Wolverton, the Executive Vice President of Product at Zendesk, made the following comments in a blog post announcing the news: “While Zendesk has invested in AI to help our customers achieve better, faster, and more reliable customer service, we believe there is still so much untapped potential. Today, our AI-enabled capabilities help businesses automate the conversations they have with customers, boost agent productivity, and increase operational efficiency with features like Answer Bot, macro suggestions, and Content Cues. With Cleverly, we will deliver a range of capabilities that automate key insights, further reduce manual tasks and improve workflows, and overall lead to happier, more productive support teams.”

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