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42Gears Releases Remote Device Farm Solution AstroFarm

42Gears Releases Remote Device Farm Solution AstroFarm
42Gears Releases Remote Device Farm Solution AstroFarm

Source: 42Gears

42Gears is launching AstroFarm, a solution designed to enable a remote device farm for enterprises, according to a press release on the company’s website. This new solution empowers businesses to connect employees with the devices they need regardless of where they are, including company-owned testing devices and private devices in need of troubleshooting. AstroFarm enables companies to create private device farms with the devices they already own, providing stronger ROI to customers on purchased devices.

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42Gears is a unified endpoint management provider, offering the SureMDM solution to secure, monitor, and manage all business endpoints, including mobile devices. SureMDM offers device and app provisioning, OS configuration, remote wipe, and remote viewing. The tool provides app management, file synchronization and sharing, and data security tools while facilitating remote troubleshooting of technical issues. SureMDM also provides app management capabilities that help IT manage apps on enrolled devices. 42Gears also provides products for IoT management and AI features.

With AstroFarm, any user who has a company-owned device and a computer can connect to the device farm remotely. 42Gears delivers a cloud-based hub for easier device access and testing, meaning employees no longer need to rent time on devices they already own. In addition, customers can now enroll devices in need of repair in AstroFarm and allow an admin to troubleshoot them remotely.

In the company’s official press release, 42Gears’ CTO and co-founder Prakash Gupta stated: “Thousands of companies have purchased devices for developers and testers to use in the office. But when working remotely, those devices are hard to access and often go unused. AstroFarm fixes that.”

Learn more about 42Gears AstroFarm here.

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