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BlackBerry Releases BlackBerry Protect Mobile for Mobile Threat Defense

BlackBerry Releases BlackBerry Protect Mobile for Mobile Threat Defense

BlackBerry is launching BlackBerry Protect Mobile as an AI-powered mobile threat defense solution, according to a press release on the company’s website. The solution delivers unprecedented visibility into their mobile, desktop, and server endpoints from a single security console. As mobile phishing is one of the fastest-growing threats facing enterprises, BlackBerry is helping companies to unearth and contain security gaps.

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BlackBerry offers a unified endpoint management tool that combines endpoint management and policy control for enterprise device and application fleets. The solution provides an integrated view of the users, devices, apps, and policies in a company’s infrastructure across all ownership models and types of users, as well as management for native container solutions. BlackBerry UEM’s onboarding capabilities include zero-input activation using QR codes, support for Active Directory-linked groups, and Apple and Samsung Knox enrollment programs.

The new BlackBerry Protect Mobile system is built on BlackBerry Spark and leverages an advanced AI engine to detect attacks before they can execute. It alerts users before opening URLs and visiting spoofing websites by detecting mobile malware attacks. The solution also identifies security vulnerabilities and potentially malicious activities by monitoring system parameters, device configurations, and system libraries as well as identifying malware from sideloaded applications and ensuring that applications are only sourced through secure repositories.

In the company’s press release, BlackBerry Spark’s Executive Vice President Billy Ho stated: “The number of phishing attacks that target mobile users will continue to rise because business is being conducted on mobile devices and users are more susceptible to attacks when viewing and accessing content on the go. BlackBerry Protect Mobile provides mobile device security integrated into our unified endpoint security (UES) solutions for a simplified approach to identifying and alerting users and administrators to phishing attempts and mobile malware across the enterprise.”

Learn more about BlackBerry Protect Mobile here.

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