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Codeproof Provides Free MDM Resources to COVID-19 Responders

Codeproof Provides Free MDM Resources to COVID-19 Responders


Codeproof Provides Free MDM Resources to COVID-19 Responders

Codeproof Technologies is providing a custom mobile device management solution to COVID-19 responders for free for six months, according to a press release on the company’s website. The vendor is currently offering the Codeproof platform for free to hospitals, healthcare providers and frontline responders who are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic for a period of six months.

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Codeproof is a workforce management and cybersecurity company providing solutions that enable organizations to secure, deploy, and manage data on company-owned and BYOD devices. The Codeproof UEM platform emphasizes ease of use and a wide range of features. The vendor supports management of iOS, Android and Windows devices in a number of form factors, including smartphones, PCs, wearables, rugged devices, and IoT devices.

The platform helps healthcare professionals securely access business apps, business data, and sensitive health information within regulatory bounds at scale. As these professionals deal with an uptick in patients thanks to COVID-19, Codeproof allows them to securely manage mobile devices and data without worrying about cost. In addition to health care, Codeproof is also providing resources to help those in the education industry pre-provision limited-function mobile devices to teachers and students.

In the official press release, Codeproof’s CEO Satish Shetty stated: “We pride ourselves on being a team that is acutely responsive to its customers’ needs. Given the difficulties now being faced by healthcare providers, we are uniquely well equipped to support them with our easy-to-use, powerful UEM solutions backed by industry-leading customer service. During this crisis, we need to be more vigilant in preventing data and IP theft, making software security more critical than ever.”

Learn more about the Codeproof Technologies COVID-19 offering here and here.

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