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Could COPE Be an Alternative to BYOD?

Just Say NO to BYOD

Just Say NO to BYOD
When Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) to work policies first launched, it changed the way a lot of enterprises conducted daily business operations. It quickly became a trend across many organizations, as it freed up money in budgets and pleased employees.

But according to an article from, some may be falling out of love with BYOD. The article cites losing control of data, risk and extra costs as factors. It went on to say businesses are now looking for alternatives to BYOD that are flexible and secure.

An option to consider is a corporate-owned, personally enabled (COPE) mobile policy. It allows your business to own the device, however, a staff member can still use it for personal calls and other activity.

COPE seems to be a happy medium between having a BYOD policy or simply supplying your staff with devices that are strictly for business use. However, says companies are thinking twice about purchasing devices with this new approach they aren’t used to.

Every organization has a specific set of needs, so it’s unfair to say which option is best for you until all of the options have been researched.

Here are a three key points to consider when making a decision:

  • With BYOD, IT is responsible for creating a container or dual persona technology, which is partly managed by them and partly by the user.
  • COPE allows IT to build space on a fully managed device for a staff member’s personal use. It also allows IT to manage devices in a more simple way. As most things do, COPE has its drawbacks. Employees have to trust that their personal data and information is not being viewed by anyone at their organization for this to work successfully.
  • Long-term costs should always be looked into in addition to short-term wins for your budget.

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