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Cradlepoint: Enterprises are Confident in the Benefits of 5G

Cradlepoint: Enterprises are Confident in the Benefits of 5G

Cradlepoint: Enterprises are Confident in the Benefits of 5G

According to a report recently released by Cradlepoint, about two-thirds of IT managers and directors are very confident about the business benefits of 5G. This information comes from Cradlepoint’s State of Wireless WAN Report 2020which surveyed 499 vice presidents, directors, and managers on LTE and 5G adoption. The report found that despite numerous delays in 5G deployment from providers and pandemic-related business shifts, the majority of companies are still excited for what 5G can bring to them.

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When discussing the reasons why organizations want to adopt 5G, 60 percent of respondents stated that improving bandwidth was a major reason to adopt the new system. Other major reasons cited for 5G adoption include introducing new services (51 percent), reducing costs (32 percent), increasing link diversity (26 percent), and increasing flexibility (24 percent). In addition, 46 percent of companies stated that they will adopt 5G as it becomes available to them.

Cradlepoint also surveyed IT managers, presidents, and directors on their confidence regarding 5G systems. 82 percent of companies were either “confident” or “very confident” in 5G’s speed, while the network’s improvements over 4G networks received 77 percent confidence and the potential for AI and augmented reality received 72 percent confidence. Respondents had less confidence in 5G’s timeline for rollout, claims of low latency, and reliability, but all three factors still received confidence from at least 58 percent of organizations.

In the company’s press release, Cradlepoint’s Vice President of Product and Solution Marketing stated: “It’s no secret that the ongoing pandemic has forced businesses to be more innovative and creative than ever, and Wireless WAN has proven to be a critical enabler. With the emergence of 5G bringing faster speeds and smarter cellular networks, the ascension of Wireless WAN as critical infrastructure is inevitable.”

Download your copy of the State of Wireless WAN Report 2020 here.

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