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IBM and Red Hat Introduce 5G Solutions Powered by Edge Computing

IBM and Red Hat Introduce 5G Solutions Powered by Edge Computing

IBM and Red Hat Introduce 5G Solutions Powered by Edge Computing

IBM is releasing new edge computing solutions and services designed to help enterprises roll out, deploy, and manage 5G networks, according to a press release on the company’s website. The solutions were announced at IBM Think, 2020, a virtual event covering the latest innovations of digital transformation. IBM’s 5G solutions are powered by Red Hat, which was acquired by IBM in 2019.

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Red Hat offers several open source technologies for businesses, including a series of cloud computing and mobility tools. As one of the dominant open source vendors, Red Hat has been a leader in the push for open enterprise IT technologies. The IBM acquisition has allowed the tech giant to take advantage of Red Hat’s software to develop new technologies and increase their foothold in the market, and the edge computing solutions announced today represent the latest push on this front.

One of the solutions announced today is IBM Edge Application Manager, an autonomous management solution to enable AI, analytics and IoT enterprise workloads to be deployed and remotely managed. IBM Telco Network Cloud Manager runs on Red Hat OpenShift to deliver intelligent automation capabilities to orchestrate virtual and container network functions in minutes. Finally, IBM is introducing a portfolio of edge-enabled applications and services, along with a new dedicated IBM Services teams for edge computing and telco network cloud.

In the official press release, IBM Hybrid Cloud’s general manager Denis Kennelly said: “In today’s uncertain environment, our clients are looking to differentiate themselves by creating more innovative, responsive user experiences that are adaptive and continuously available – from the data center all the way out to the edge. IBM is helping clients unlock the full potential of edge computing and 5G with hybrid multicloud offerings that bring together Red Hat OpenShift and our industry expertise to address enterprise needs in a way no other company can.”

Learn more about IBM and Red Hat’s edge computing solutions here.

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