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Mobile Device Management Needs to Keep up With Mobile Strategies

Mobile technologies are continually upgrading from the devices themselves to the operating systems to the features they offer. They have developed beyond hardware used for personal communication and convenience to devices that are having a large impact on how businesses operate and potential successes they can achieve. A recent article from highlights that as these devices develop and proliferate enterprises across the globe the solutions used to secure and optimize their use need to develop as well.

The article points out that while the core features of Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions (configuring and provisioning devices, enforce updates and security standards, manage access, monitor compliance, remote lock and wipe) are necessary they may not be enough to match the level at which devices are being utilized in the enterprise today. They talk about Zenprise who is addressing this “next generation” MDM which they are referring to as MDM 2.0.

With organizations moving beyond just email and network access for mobile devices and now bringing in mission critical application impacting business processes Zenprise’s MDM 2.0 approach does seem to fit the bill. This approach extends beyond the device to the apps, the network and the data giving “companies the capabilities to use mobile to enhance how they do business.” writes that the MDM 2.0 approach includes, “These capabilities include, amongst others, content security and collaboration, which allows secure distribution of files with the ability to set usage policies around what users can do with them; advanced web and intranet security, which provides for secure access to corporate intranets without full-bore VPN; “business-ready” third-party apps, which takes enterprise apps like Evernote, QuickOffice, and Dropbox, and makes them business-ready by adding a wrapper of security, performance, and configuration with little or no involvement from the app developer.” ends their piece with a bit of advice and it is something that we would like to echo. While the true potential of enterprise mobility comes with a more in-depth strategy that goes beyond email and network access you should not just jump right into the pool. Get a feel for the basics for both strategy and security. Create a solid structure and strategy and then upgrade to a 2.0 approach and reap the benefits of enterprise mobility within your organization. Click here to read the full piece from

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