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MobileIron Provides Free UEM Resources for Frontline COVID-19 Workers

MobileIron Provides Free UEM Resources for Frontline Workers
MobileIron Provides Free UEM Resources for Frontline Workers

Source: MobileIron

MobileIron is making its unified endpoint management (UEM) solution available at no additional charge to frontline workers and first responders, according to a press release on the company’s website. According to MobileIron, comapnies in agriculture, healthcare, law enforcement, manufacturing, retail, transportation and utilities already use MobileIron UEM to improve workplace efficiency. To help those companies working to stop the spread of COVID-19, MobileIron is letting frontline workers and first responders enroll an unlimited number of devices at no additional cost.

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MobileIron UEM is built on MobileIron’s mobile-centric, zero trust enterprise security framework, which emphasizes authentication and perimeter-less mobile security. This allows users to bring in security and access management features like zero sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and mobile threat detection into their mobility management system. In addition to UEM, MobileIron also offers BYOD security, mobile data protection, and cloud access security solutions.

The vendor has already assisted several global companies whose employees are working to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Some of the organizations that have benefited from MobileIron UEM include the Australian police department, a U.S. government agency focused on disaster relief, and a European transportation company. Through this program, frontline workers and first responders can onboard as many devices as they want for free through June 15th.

In the company’s official press release, MobileIron’s Senior Vice President of Product Mnaagement Brian Foster stated: “We are committed to helping organizations empower frontline workers with the tools they need to succeed, while also increasing security and protecting against emerging threats. Right now, amid the coronavirus crisis, frontline responders across healthcare, government, fire, police, emergency medicine and retail are more essential than ever before. At the same time, these workers are being pushed to the limits of their capacity. MobileIron enables these critical workers to securely access the business apps and data they need to provide their essential services.”

Learn more about MobileIron’s frontline responder program here.

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