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Nokia: 47 Percent of IT Decision-Makers Plan to Deploy 5G

Nokia: 47 Percent of IT Decision-Makers Plan to Deploy 5G

Nokia: 47 Percent of IT Decision-Makers Plan to Deploy 5G

According to research recently released by Nokia, 47 percent of IT decision-makers plan to deploy 5G into their enterprise. This comes from Nokia’s Mapping Demand: The 5G Opportunity in Enterprise for Communications Service Providers report which detailed the results from a survey that asked 1,000 IT professionals on 5G use cases relevant to their sectors. Nokia found that enterprises familiar with 5G are excited to deploy it, but overall, more education is needed before the technology finds widespread adoption.

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Nokia found that 65 percent of IT professionals are familiar with 5G, while 30 percent need more information about it. About one-third of the respondents stated that they are currently using 5G, and according to Nokia, nearly all of them are highly satisfied with its speed, capacity, and responsiveness. Tellingly, nearly half of the survey respondents (47 percent) are making plans to deploy 5G into their infrastructure.

As to why enterprises are adopting 5G, Nokia found the video monitoring is the most appealing use case. Companies appear to like how 5G offers higher-quality video streaming and analytics, especially as the current global pandemic has shifted businesses towards working from home. Other popular uses cases include fixed wireless access, AR and VR, connected machinery and cloud robotics, and connected vehicles. Regarding industries, Nokia discovered that energy and manufacturing companies are the most interested in 5G for advanced use cases like drone-based video surveillance, remote machine control, and cloud robotics.

In the company’s official press release, Nokia’s stated “Nokia commissioned this research prior to the current global coronavirus pandemic but its insights are still valid and applicable, perhaps moreso in this new environment. While current networks are performing well, consumers are newly appreciating the value of quality networking. Video has been a bedrock of social interaction and 5G can greatly improve this capability, while social isolation and remote work likely increase appeal for immersive experience applications. FWA is an attractive early use case for 5G, especially with remote install, but operators must make an informed decision about how to invest in it and in which geographic location.”

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