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Notify Makes Room for a Focus on Mobile Device Management

Focus on MDM Solutions NotifyMDM

Focus on MDM Solutions NotifyMDMWe recently outlined the increased focus that SAP was putting on its Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions Afaria, and how this increased focus highlights the importance of the growing enterprise mobility space. SAP is not alone in this approach as one of their smaller competitors has decreased spending in other areas to accommodate for more focus and investment in their MDM product line.

In a recent quarterly fiscal report, Notify Technology Corporation, reported just over a $200,000 reduction in their Sales and Marketing spending over the same period of time in 2011. This decrease in spending can be viewed in direct contrast to a “continued investment in developing the new mobile device management product line, NotifyMDM.” As smart phones and mobile devices continue to proliferate the enterprise it is clear that enterprise mobility providers are positioning themselves to take advantage of this growth. With estimates of over 350 million smartphones and mobile devices in the workplace by 2016, it is no wonder providers are dedicating time and recourses into these solutions.

In a release on the report, Paul DePond, President and Chief Executive Officer of Notify says, “We took steps in March 2012 to streamline our operations while still maintaining our ability to service our existing customers and continue investing our NotifyMDM product.  We believe the success of NotifyMDM is critical to the Company’s long term success. We continue to build relationships with OEM and reseller partners for NotifyMDM.  A particular focus will be providing companies of all sizes a solution for their current or future Bring Your Own Device (“BYOD”) initiatives.  BYOD refers to the growing trend of companies allowing employee owned mobile devices to be used at work.”  Click here to read the full release, and for more information on their quarterly fiscal report.

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