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SOTI: Enterprises Who Don’t Focus on Mobile Management Will Fail

SOTI: Enterprises Who Don't Focus on Mobile Management Will Fail

SOTI: Enterprises Who Don't Focus on Mobile Management Will Fail

According to a recent report published by the Enterprise Mobility Exchange and SOTI, organizations who aren’t placing mobile management and transformation at the heart of their business strategy are likely to fail with their mobile solutions. The SOTI-sponsored report, titled Racing Towards the Future of Enterprise Mobility, revealed the security issues preventing enterprises from adoption mobile solutions and how prepared businesses are for mobile devices in the workplace.

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In the report, SOTI highlighted the security concerns that businesses have regarding enterprise mobility solutions. Data leakages are the top mobile security fear for businesses, with 70% of respondents to the survey calling it a major concerns. Other commonly-cited worries include data breaches, phishing attacks, mobile malware, and malicious applications.

“Data leakages are always extremely important concerns for our customers, and within that concern, encryption is a key aspect of solving the issue,” reports Shash Anand, SOTI’s Vice President of Product Strategy. “You really have to ensure that you’ve set up your device management environment correctly. You must go through a series of test phases and poke holes at any solution. Look at the specific scenarios where data leakages can happen and have a rigorous device management solution in place.”

The survey also looked at major challenges concerning digital transformation (including adopting mobile solutions); 64% of respondents called workplace culture a hurdle they need to cross. Other risks and concerns include siloed operations, scalability concerns, and the use of personal devices. “In this world, you need to have a good understanding of the concept of acceleration and the tools that are necessary for you to accelerate your entire business,” says Anand. “If you have the right tools in place, then adopting new technologies is not that hard. They will allow you to accelerate and adopt new technologies very, very quickly.”

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