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VMware Anywhere Workspace Combines UEM with Native Security Solutions

VMware Anywhere Workspace Combines UEM with Native Security Solutions

VMware Anywhere Workspace Combines UEM with Native Security Solutions

VMware is launching Anywhere Workspace as a new remote work mobility solution, according to a press release on the company’s website. The new solution combines three of VMware’s existing solutions; VMware Workspace One, VMware Carbon Black, and VMware SASE. VMware is adding unique integration points between these three solutions, with more integrations promised for the future. Anywhere Workspace helps VMware clients deliver better experiences to employees no matter where they are.

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VMware empowers end-users with a digital workspace for all mobility needs. Their solutions give IT admins a mobility platform that provides flexibility to manage multiple use cases, unified endpoint management, end-to-end security from devices to the data center, and integration across enterprise systems. The admin console gives visibility into all enrolled corporate-owned, employee-owned, and shared devices, regardless of their platform or device type.

Anywhere Workspace grants companies the ability to deliver a great user experience and consistent performance on any device from any location. Users can also secure the distributed edge with broader and more effective security capabilities. Anywhere Workspace also features automation to allows for intelligent management of workflows, compliance, and performance.

In the company’s press release, VMware’s Chief Operating Officer, Customer Operations Sanjay Poonen stated: “Work is what you do, not where you do it. As businesses reimagine where and how teams collaborate and innovate, they must do more than transform. They must reform their mindset to create a digital-first culture that puts employee experience first. We developed VMware Anywhere Workspace with this new way of working in mind. It will play an important role in creating stronger, more focused, and more resilient businesses.”

Learn more about VMware Anywhere Workspace here.

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