4 Remote Network Monitoring Capabilities Your Company Needs

4 Remote Network Monitoring Capabilities Your Company Needs

With businesses across the world forced to transition to a completely remote workforce, the time has come for IT teams to ensure their company’s network is secure and performing well. Keeping your network running smoothly is crucial for employees and clients to access critical corporate resources. Doing this while your network engineers are outside the office, however, can be difficult — that is, unless your company has the proper tools and capabilities to handle remote network monitoring.

Over the past few years, remote network monitoring tools have sprung up to address the issue of being able to track and fix network issues remotely. Dedicated remote monitoring solutions, like remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools, give enterprises the ability to examine network performance from anywhere. On top of this, network monitoring vendors are introducing an increasing number of remote capabilities into legacy monitoring solutions. Below, we’ve listed the four remote network monitoring capabilities your company needs.

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Device-agnostic remote monitoring

The devices that make up your company’s network are likely a complex collection of devices from different vendors with different hardware and firmware. That means it’s important for network monitoring tools, remote or otherwise, to provide monitoring solutions and agents that fit universal use cases. Remote monitoring agents can be installed on any device to provide information on that device to a centralized monitoring platform.

You need to ensure your network is performing well at all times. Our Network Monitoring Buyer’s Guide contains profiles on the top network performance monitoring vendors, as well as questions you should ask providers and yourself before buying. We also offer a Free and Open Source Network Monitoring Buyer’s Guide if you’re a small business or have a tighter budget but still want enterprise-grade monitoring for business networks.

Remote network performance discovery

Once a remote network monitoring agent has been installed, your enterprise should then be able to examine all the data your agents collect, regardless of where the user is or if they are connected to the network. Remote network monitoring tools receive information from agents and compiles them into a monitoring dashboard. With a remote monitoring dashboard, users can receive information on network performance from anywhere and examine all connected devices.

Administering network performance fixes from anywhere

Being able to remotely detect network performance issues is only the first step in remotely monitoring network performance and security. Network engineers must also be able to deliver security and performance updates to its network remotely. With remote monitoring and management solutions, users can remotely configure and update without manually accessing the device. This can help prevent unnecessary office visits to reconfigure devices, especially when the required patches are minor.

Monitoring all incoming traffic

In order to successfully access critical business resources when working remotely, employees may need to gain access to the data stored on your company’s on-premise system. That means that your monitoring solution must be able to track traffic that comes onto a network in addition to all the local data transfers.

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