6 Essential Network Monitoring and Management Certifications

6 Essential Network Monitoring and Management Certifications

One of the best ways to show expertise in network monitoring and management is to earn a few certifications. Several organizations offer networking certifications that either focus on monitoring and management knowledge or a general overview of networking expertise. Below, we’ve listed six essential certifications for any network engineer or administrator that focuses on monitoring and managing enterprise networks.

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AWS Certified Advanced Networking

COST: $300

For network engineers and companies that use Amazon Web Services (AWS), the AWS Certified Advanced Networking certification shows expertise in using AWS to solve complex network tasks. Holders of this certification demonstrate their ability to design and maintain network architecture with the use of AWS services, as well as leverage tools to automate AWS networking tasks. In order to earn this certification, users must demonstrate knowledge not only in building and managing network technologies, but also operating AWS.

Learn more about this certification here.

GIAC Continuous Monitoring Certification

COST: $1,999

The GIAC Continuous Monitoring Certification is a security-focused network monitoring and management certification designed for network and security engineers. To earn this certification, practitioners must demonstrate their ability to detect and deter anomalous network intrusions. Specific areas that the certification covers include building and maintaining defensible security architectures, network security monitoring, continuous diagnostics and mitigation, and continuous security monitoring.

Learn more about this certification here.

Netreo Certified Monitoring Engineer

COST: $1,495

Netreo offers its Certified Monitoring Engineer certification to those who demonstrate expertise in network management. The certification exam covers both conceptual and technical knowledge of network monitoring and management; topics users can expect to work with include network strategizing and planning, incident response, prioritizing network alerts, setting up complex dependencies, tuning and troubleshooting network thresholds, and integrating with third-party APIs.

Learn more about this certification here.

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Paessler Certified Monitoring Expert

COST: €150

Paessler offers a certification that demonstrates proficiency in using Paessler PRTG, whose recipients demonstrate deep technical knowledge of using PRTG. The company looks for those who have a deep technical knowledge of their tool and can demonstrate PRTG to their customers, as well as consult with customers looking for network monitoring solutions. In addition, Paessler looks for experts to be able to discuss architecture options and help users determine the best license for their needs.

Learn more about this certification here.

SolarWinds Certified Professional

COST: $200

Tech company SolarWinds offers the SolarWinds Certified Professional program that designates users that have technical expertise in effectively using and maintaining SolarWinds network and systems management products. The program delivers several certifications that show knowledge in specific SolarWinds tools, including Access Right Manager, Network Configuration Manager, Network Performance Monitor, Network Traffic Analyzer, and Server & Application Monitor.

Learn more about this certification here.

WCNA Certification

COST: $299

The Wireshark WCNA certification, designed to demonstrate knowledge in capturing network traffic, indicates expertise in operating Wireshark technology, as well as knowledge and proficiency in areas such as TCP/IP communications, network troubleshooting, and network security. The certification services over 90 different countries across the globe, and is worth earning for users of Wireshark technologies as well as administrators and engineers of any skill level.

Learn more about this certification here.

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