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AppNeta Launches End-User Focused DNS Performance Monitoring

Recently, Boston-based SaaS provider AppNeta announced the launch of DNS performance monitoring for their program AppNeta Performance Manager. The DNS monitoring solution works within AppNeta to examine the performance of DNS servers. In keeping with AppNeta’s focus on the end-user experience, the DNS monitoring in AppNeta allows users to track performance of the DNS for the end-user as well as the server owner.

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According to their press release, “AppNeta’s approach to DNS monitoring fits perfectly into any network architecture, especially those migrating to the cloud. With the increased use of Direct Internet Access, DNS responses may be delivered to enterprise locations through a diverse collection of servers – both internal and through an array of ISPs and DNS providers – which makes comprehensive monitoring essential.”

The DNS monitoring features are built into AppNeta Performance Manager and look for performance issues that influence the end user’s experience. AppNeta constantly monitors performance data and keeps it on file for over a year, allowing IT teams to analyze flaws and diagnose long-term problems. They also provide better visibility capabilities, showing users exactly where traffic onto their network is coming from. AppNeta’s tools help IT departments understand what the end users are doing, which can give them insights on how to improve the network.

“When it comes to the end user experience of business critical applications, slow is the new down, and nowhere does that manifest itself more than with DNS performance,” says AppNeta CEO Matt Stevens. “Total DNS failure is easy to spot, but slow DNS performance insidiously steals valuable time and productivity from everyone. Our new class-leading DNS monitoring capabilities enable forward thinking IT teams to stay ahead of DNS-induced slowness on an app-by-app basis from the end-user’s perspective.”

Founded in 2011, Appneta provides services for examining network performance, specifically in how it affects end users. Inc. Magazine recognized AppNeta in their 2018 Inc. 5000 for fastest-growing private companies for the fifth year in a row. They also received an investment of an undisclosed amount from enterprise software-focused private equity firm Rubicon Technology Partners at the beginning of last year.

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