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The Benefits of AI and Machine Learning in Network Monitoring

The Benefits of AI and Machine Learning in Network Monitoring

The Benefits of AI and Machine Learning in Network Monitoring

Artificial intelligence – also commonly known as AI – has revolutionized the technology world. Companies both inside and outside the tech circle are introducing AI into their work suite. AI takes the basic principles of computing and processing and applies intelligent environment analysis on top of it. For industries, AI analyzes the data they generate and provides them with insights based on its findings. AI can also apply machine learning to examine historical data in order to perform tasks without human input.

Network monitoring tools have begun to implement AI and machine learning into their systems. Network performance monitors (NPMs) can use AI to examine and respond to performance data. The use of AI in NPMs isn’t currently widespread, but as more network tools adopt AI and machine learning capabilities, more companies are seeing the benefits that AI bring to their networks.

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Data processing and analysis

Networks generate a ton of data on a daily basis. NPMs require systems in place to process all this data in order to understand what’s happening on your network. Data processing is one of the most common uses for AI in NPMs. The AI can sift through large amounts of data as it travels along the network. It can also analyze the data in real-time, giving you insight into the information your network sends out and receives.

Network AI examines data constantly, so it has a steady stream of historical and current data to compare against. NPMs can also implement machine learning to study historical data to look for network trends. If issues arise and are dealt with, machine learning can examine the problematic data to get an idea of what network problems look like. This allows the NPM to instantly recognize dangerous data that it detects in the future. Thus, NPMs can alert you to potentially malicious information without performing an in-depth analysis every time.

Automatic problem solving

In addition to detecting and alerting users to problems, AI can also apply solutions to common issues without human input. Using AI and machine learning, NPMs can learn about common problems that affect your network. If it detects the same problem over and over again, the AI can figure out what solutions are best to deal with them. Eventually, it will have enough data to be able to make the decision on its own.

Combined with the ability to find network problems as they happened, AI is an incredible resource for stomping out damaging issues before they harm your network. AI can patch out issues as soon as they’re detected, letting users focus more on problems that require more in-depth analysis and insights.

Customizable response capabilities

AI and machine learning doesn’t just work on its own. It needs to be trained to respond to events that happen on your network. However, this means you can customize the AI to analyze and respond to specific types of events. If there’s something you definitely want your AI to handle on its own, you can train it to take action when they occur.

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