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SAP Continues to Improve Their Mobile Device Management Offerings

MDM Mobile Device Management SAP Afaria

MDM Mobile Device Management SAP AfariaA few months ago we wrote about SAP putting a focus on their mobility offerings and specifically their mobile management system Afaria. Sanjay Poonen was quoted as saying, “SAP is now investing significantly more resources into Afaria. SAP has nearly tripled the development investment in Afaria this year.” Well, they were not blowing smoke as recent news coming out of the CTIA MobileCon trade show will have current and future Afaria users looking for new mobile management software in the next three to six months.

What is the news? SAP will be joining the ranks of a number of providers offering containerization for corporate and personal data on mobile end devices. Containerization is the process of separating personal and corporate data into two separate “containers” that allows IT departments to better manage data accessed and stored by employee owned devices. With containerization IT can more easily identify corporate data as opposed to personal data in the event of a remote wiping instance, among other things.

The new software will likely be called Mobile Application Management and will come as an addition to their current Afaria mobile management solution. ComputerWorld even write that Poonen said SAP might not add to the cost of Afaria with this new software adding to the security measures already being offered. Check out the full ComputerWorld article here.

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