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Comparing the Top SIEM Vendors — Solutions Review

comparing the top SIEM vendors

comparing the top SIEM vendors

Do you remember when cybersecurity prioritized prevention above everything else? When,  with the right solution, malware could be stopped at the door to your enterprises’ network and that was the end of your worries? Indeed, when malware was the worst thing that could happen to your network?

We do too. We miss those days. But they’re gone now.

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Now, cybersecurity experts and enterprise leaders alike are facing the harsh reality—no solution can prevent 100% of digital threats, especially as they evolve to evade typical firewall recognition and prevention methods. The cybersecurity paradigm is responding by shifting to a detection-focused model, focused on finding threats quickly after they have penetrated your IT environment and removing them just as promptly before real damage can be done.  

At the same time compiling, logging, and analyzing all of the data on security events from throughout your enterprise’s vast network can be more than just a simple hassle. It can prove an overwhelming challenge as your IT security team searches through the digital piles looking for the correlations that indicate a threat—unsure if they have collected all of the data necessary to know if your databases have been compromised.

That’s where Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) comes into play. It can collect, compile, analyze, and synthesize your enterprise’s security events, looking for evidence of a threat automatically, and allowing your team to prioritize hunting for legitimate threats.

So how can enterprises make sense of SIEM and start comparing the top SIEM vendors for the right fit? It’s not a simple process to cut through the jargon and recognize what use-cases are most applicable to you.    

Here at Solutions Review, it’s our job to help simplify that process. To that end, we’ve created a variety of buyer resources and articles to speed the evaluation of enterprise cybersecurity technology solutions. In our 2018 SIEM Buyer’s Guide, we offer our readers a full overview of the marketplace by comparing the top SIEM vendors. This includes individual company and product profiles and use-cases for the top 25 providers. We also provide ten key questions for potential SIEM solution selectors to ask, and our bottom line analysis for each solution.

The SIEM vendors covered in our 2018 SIEM Buyer’s Guide include Alert Logic, AlienVault, Assuria, Bae Systems, Black Stratus, Correlog, Cygilant, Exabeam, Fortinet, IBM Security, Logentries, LogPoint, LogRhythm, Logsign, ManageEngine, McAfee, Micro Focus, NetIQ, RSA Security, Securonix, SolarWinds, Splunk, Sumo Logic, Tenable, and Trustwave.

Our articles focus on industry and vendor news within the SIEM marketplace and on the biggest security risks confronting enterprises today. Thus, you’re always up to date with the latest platform updates, market reports, and more. We also provide best practice articles and in-depth coverage of the relevant Gartner’s Magic Quadrant to help buyers comparing the top SIEM vendors make the right choice for their company.   

Our mission here at Solutions Review is to make the buyer’s journey to find the right solution that best fits their business needs much easier and less complicated. So, if you’re in the beginning process of comparing the top SIEM vendors for your enterprise, or if you’re looking for something a little different than what you already have, we hope this is the perfect resource to get you started on the decision-making process.

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