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Key Findings – McAfee Labs Threat Report December 2018

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Key Findings - McAfee Labs Threat Report December 2018

Yesterday, SIEM and endpoint security solution provider McAfee released their McAfee Labs Threat Report December 2018. McAfee Labs releases quarterly threat reports analyzing the cyber threat landscape as determined by their research data and threat intelligence. The December 2018 report specifically explores the cybercriminal underground and its impact on the threat landscape in Q3 of 2018.

In the McAfee Labs Threat Report December 2018, researches encountered an average of 480 threats per minute, with Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices targeted in particular. Other key findings from the McAfee Labs Threat Report December 2018 include:

  • IoT device malware increased 203% over the past year. This constitutes a dramatic increase, as hackers take notice of lax IoT security.
  • New coin-mining (cryptojacking) malware grew nearly 55%.  
  • Total malware grew 4,467% over the past year.
  • New mobile malware strain decreased by 24% over the quarter.
  • 44% of all publicly disclosed cybersecurity incidents occurred in the Americas.
  • The financial sector suffered a 20% increase in their data breaches.        

Christiaan Beek, Lead Scientist at McAfee, said in a statement: “Cybercriminals are eager to weaponize vulnerabilities both new and old, and the number of services now available on underground markets has dramatically increased their effectiveness.”

“As long as ransoms are paid and relatively easy attacks, such as phishing campaigns, are successful, bad actors will continue to use these techniques. Following up-and-coming trends on the underground markets and hidden forums allow the cybersecurity community to defend against current attacks and stay a step ahead of those in our future.”

In his own statement John Fokker, Head of Cybercriminal Investigations at McAfee, said: “The cyberthreats we face today once began as conversations on hidden forums and grew into products and services available on underground markets. Additionally, the strong brands we see emerging offer a lot to cybercriminals: higher infection rates, and both operational and financial security.”  

You can read more about the McAfee Labs Threat Report: December 2018 here.  

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