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The Advantages of Remote Development Teams

The Advantages of Remote Development Teams

The Advantages of Remote Development Teams

It’s safe to say that remote development teams are becoming en-vogue. That is to say; corporate managers are warming up to the idea. Working as a remote team certainly isn’t a new concept; it’s been around for quite some time. But for those that are new to the idea, we ‘d like to list a few advantages of having a remote team develop your application and explain why this is something you should look into doing.

We’ve spoken previously only on how to build and manage distributed teams, so if you are looking to gain some perspective about the challenges related to hiring and managing remote teams from scratch, I’d highly advise you read our article. That being said, let’s get into the various advantages of remote development teams.

Save Money

The first and arguably most important benefit of hiring a remote development team is reduced costs. There several factors at play when saving money on talent. A developer who lives in Detroit, MI costs much less than one from San Francisco, CA.

If both developers possess equal talent, what is stopping you from hiring the one in Detroit and saving money? Managers who concern themselves with keeping their employees on a leash (i.e., making them come into the office) will spend considerably more money than is necessary. In the era of information, why even bother entertaining 80’s era business practices?

Happy Employees

Just because you yearn for the fresh smell of “corporate” coffee every morning doesn’t mean that your development team feels the same way. We at Solutions Review are betting that they don’t and for a good reason. Times change and technology has blown the whole 9-to-5 thing wide open. In 2016, a study by Deloitte identified that millennials seek a good work/life balance, while also making positive contributions to their organization’s success.

Remote teams fulfill the work/life balance checkbox completely. Trusting your development team to work remotely and autonomously might be the best choice an executive can make for their company. Giving your employees the freedom to develop software in the way that’s most comfortable for them will create loyalty. As the saying goes, happy employees, happy company.

Global Talent

We mentioned, when discussing the cost benefits of remote teams, that talent can come from anywhere. Again, thanks to technology, we are now able to hire developers from anywhere in the world. Granted, you have the tools and expertise required to find the right developer; there is an incredible opportunity to compete with the largest corporations on talent. Gone are the days of fighting for talent in your city with some other company.

Building a remote team from scratch is not easy. There are many developers out there, and going through the hiring process takes time and money. Larger companies tend to outsource development to application development companies in order to get the ball rolling faster. Not all companies can afford high-level development companies unfortunately, so where does that leave smaller business looking to stake their claim in the digital world?

One option is to do some research and find an application development agency off shore, but going that route presents its own risks. There are companies based in the United States that specialize in vetting and assembling high performing remote teams for small businesses and mid-sized companies to hire full-time into their projects. You can learn more about the top web application and top mobile application development companies.

The advantages of remote development teams largely outweigh the costs if implemented correctly. Companies that are looking to hire or better manage their developers should open up to more flexible work agreements. In the end, the product is only as good as the effort developers put into their work. By hiring smarter and investing in remote teams, you can cut down on costs, gain loyal employees, and reap the benefits of finding great talent.

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