Actifio Releases Actifio GO SaaS Solution

Actifio Releases Actifio GO SaaS SolutionCopy Data Management software provider, Actifio, recently announced Actifio GO, the company’s new multi-cloud Copy Data Management Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. The solution facilitates backup and restore, accelerates DevOps and analytics initiatives, and assists with meeting regulatory and compliance requirements for apps, both on-prem and in multi-cloud environments. The SaaS solution is built on Actifio Sky software and enables enterprise backup, application, system, or DevOps administrators working in multi-cloud environments to focus on data management policies and eliminate the management of software and infrastructure.

Actifio GO addresses the need to contain copy data sprawl, reduce storage costs, and meet data transformation requirements across multiple cloud platforms while providing a low-friction cloud experience. The solution also does not require on-prem storage, which eliminates the need to deploy and manage Copy Data Management software.

In a press statement, co-founder and CEO of Actifio, Ash Ashutosh said, “we heard it loud and clear – our customers need to manage and instantly access their copy data in any cloud platform, for any multi-cloud application and have that ‘self-service cloud experience.’ Over three years, we worked closely with our customers and cloud partners to integrate pioneering multi-cloud operational automation technologies with our battle-tested data virtualization and data pipelining technologies. We then added everything we learned from our internal operations about making it easier for our users to learn, try, buy, go live, and expand our solution. Today, we are announcing the result with another breakthrough solution, Actifio GO, to not only deliver an amazing user experience on every aspect of our customers’ engagements with us, but also one that delivers the proven business value at cloud scale, cloud speed, and cloud agility.”

Phil Goodwin, Research Director at IDC, added, “when we first started tracking the copy data management opportunity, we identified a $50 billion per year cost to IT organizations worldwide grounded primarily in capacity inefficiency from storing excess copies of data. Actifio recognized how this problem was affecting companies and introduced one of the first solutions to address it. Now, in the data-intensive, multi-cloud era, it is also clear that data silos must become data pipelines. That means seamless data availability from on-premise to any cloud for secure, instant access to data for business use.”

To read Actifio’s full press release, click here.

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