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FalconStor Announces StorSafe Data Storage Container

FalconStor Adds Enhancements to Data Protection Solution StorSafe

FalconStor Announces StorSafe Data Storage ContainerFalconStor Software, Inc. recently announced StorSafe, the industry’s first enterprise-grade persistent data storage container. This latest addition to the product line is a long-term archive software solution, offering seamless integration with legacy backup and archive software and processes, while also providing multi-cloud archive data storage orchestration functionality to reduce storage costs, enhance security, simplify compliance, and streamline archive data portability.

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FalconStor also recently announced that FalconStor Virtual Tape Library (VTL), its backup and archive orchestration solution, has a price-performance of 3X-6X better than a leading competitor. This is according to new independent lab results performed in April 2019 by national information management and data storage analyst firm, Evaluator Group.

Archive data is essential for modern enterprises for both risk and compliance management, and use of archive data for strategic advantage. StorSafe leverages modern software container technology that uses virtualization at the application layer versus the systems layer and also allows for the disaggregation of the data from the system-level storage components. StorSafe provides along-term data preservation container that is agnostic, heterogeneous, and portable, as well as backward compatible and compatible with future technology advancements.

In a press statement, CEO of FalconStor, Todd Brooks said, “StorSafe is the first long-term archive solution designed with a data-centric approach versus a storage system-centric approach, which ameliorates the challenges around portability, security, longevity, scalability, and cost-efficiency. Continuing FalconStor’s long history of innovation, we have filed several provisional patents for the underlying persistent virtual storage container (VSC) technologies that enables StorSafe to disaggregate the data from the storage system to deliver legitimate data independence. Developed to significantly reduce long-term archive data storage costs, increase archive portability and accessibility, StorSafe will redefine the traditional concepts of long-term archival, data preservation, retention, reinstatement, and storage optimization for the next decade.”

Currently in beta, StorSafe will be generally available in the second half of 2020.

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