Infrascale Announces 5 New IBDR Appliance Models for SMB and Mid-Market Users

Infrascale Announces 5 New IBDR Appliance Models SMB and Mid-Market UsersComing on the heels of the recently released Infrascale Backup & Disaster Recovery (IBDR) solution, Infrascale has announced the availability of five new IBDR appliance models for MSPs and VARs serving SMB and mid-market companies. IBDR is a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) hybrid cloud solution that prevents data loss and delivers rapid recovery from crashes, ransomware or malware, natural disaster, human error, and other business disruptions. With this new scale, Infrascale demonstrates its commitment to eliminating data loss and downtime with new appliances that offer enhanced scalability and performance.

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Infrascale offers an enterprise-grade cloud-based data protection solution that provides failover to a second site with the flexibility to boot from the appliance or cloud. The product is delivered as a physical or virtual appliance and includes disaster recovery software. Infrascale‘s dashboard simplifies data protection management by providing a single view through which the entire suite of services is deployed. An administrative dashboard, accessible from any browser or device, makes it easy to recover mission-critical applications and systems with pushbutton simplicity. Users are enabled to set up the protection needs for their organization in a single pane of glass management to ensure all of their critical data is covered. Infrascale recently released a next-generation backup and disaster recovery solution for SMBs.

To accommodate for growth, Infrascale now offers two new on-prem appliances: the IBDR 970/4TB desktop and the IBDR 1270/4TB 1U rack-mount models. These devices offer increased storage for users looking to protect data and allow for longer retention spans on the local appliance. In combination with the existing IBDR 970/2TB and IBDR 1270/2TB appliances, these new tools deliver flexible options for users with small data sets.

Because of the popularity of IBDR appliances featuring solid-state storage drives (SSDs), Infrascale is releasing new IBDR appliances for mid-market users looking for higher volumes of SSD storage to safeguard their data. The new 1880 models are capable of higher input/output operations per second (IOPS) that, in turn, deliver better performance for booted virtual machines. With twice the compute and RAM onboard, the 1880 also provides more than double the boot capacity of the 1780.

In a media statement, Brain Kuhn, COO of Infrascale, said, “in our ongoing quest to eliminate downtime and data loss, we’ve expanded the Infrascale lineup to address a key need of mid-market customers — protecting data and data operations at greater scale — more storage and more VMs. The new 1880s offer up to 60TB of performant SSD storage and serious power (compute and RAM) to boot more virtual machines than we’ve ever been able to boot before.”

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