StorageCraft Unifies Business Continuity Stack with ShadowXafe 4.0

StorageCraft Unifies Business Continuity Stack with ShadowXafe 4.0StorageCraft recently announced a significant upgrade of its flagship data and system backup and recovery software, ShadowXafe. Available immediately, ShadowXafe 4.0 gives users the ability to enhance and extend their business continuity solution with increased flexibility and operational efficiency while reducing cost. ShadowXafe allows users to manage multiple physical and virtual environments and workloads through OneSystem, the StorageCraft centralized cloud-based management system.

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StorageCraft offers backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity solutions for servers, desktops, and laptops. Their solutions reduce downtime, improve security and stability for systems and data, and lower the total cost of ownership. The vendor boasts four offices globally, 11,000 partners and has backed up over one million devices. StorageCraft’s business is focused on data protection and restoration tools that are offered via value-added and channel partners. However, it also offers scale-out storage, replication, recovery, integrated data protection, and more.

ShadowXafe 4.0 delivers a unified workflow and management system that enables it to coexist with the recently released OneXafe Solo plug-and-protect backup and recovery appliance. Because of this, customers can now mix and match software and hardware environments according to their needs. Additionally, through Hyper-V vCenter and ESXi support, users can protect large and mid-range VMs with a single click, and protect high SLA VMs with ShadowXafe’s agent-based and agentless solution. This allows users to manage remote sites, instantly restore, and replicate and recover to a central on-prem, data center location, or to use StorageCraft DRaaS Cloud for orchestrated recovery.

In a press statement, Shridar Subramanian, CMO at StorageCraft said, “by significantly expanding the use case deployments of ShadowXafe, and enabling it to coexist with OneXafe Solo implementations, we give customers unmatched levels of protection, simplicity, and flexibility. For our channel partners, it instantly extends their market and revenue potential without additional CAPEX or OPEX. They also benefit from increased efficiency and productivity and a reduction in management, complexity, and training costs.”

Closely integrated with StorageCraft cloud-based DRaaS, ShadowXafe provides complete business continuity and orchestrated recovery with a single click.

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