Looker Updates Self-Service Capabilities for Non-Technical Users

Looker Updates Self-Service Capabilities for Non-Technical Users

Source: Looker

Looker recently announced new features to make it easier for business users to do self-service analytics. The news comes on the heels of the company’s November Powered by Looker update, when it added new integration capabilities to its embedded analytics product. This announcement is headlined by improvements to content experience, which features a new dynamic user homepage that suggests more relevant contextual insights, as well as user ability to curate and control what they see.

Looker says it has improved workflow integrations by allowing users to receive important alerts and quickly share information to anywhere by using the revamped scheduling features. The product now also includes better security and governance inside a centralized architecture, as well as dynamic visualizations with “hundreds” of customization options.

The number of Looker blocks available is increased to roughly 90 via the company’s 20 partners. Additionally, Looker’s Marketing Application is ready for customers to try. The application analyzes all relevant marketing program performance in an interactive interface, allowing users to take required actions from inside the platform.

In a statement, the company’s CEO Frank Bien spoke to the news: “Businesses have been collecting vast amounts of data, but there’s no value until they can understand what the data is telling them. We’re addressing the growing need for non-technical users in organizations of all sizes to have the most current data so they can take action to make their businesses more competitive, more profitable and more successful.”

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