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The Coolest Data Analytics and Business Intelligence CEOs of 2021

The Coolest Data Analytics and Business Intelligence CEOs

The Coolest Data Analytics and Business Intelligence CEOs

A list of the coolest data analytics and business intelligence CEOs making a difference in a competitive global software market.

The purpose of data analytics is to generate insights from data by connecting patterns and trends with organizational goals. Data analytics is a data science.  Comparing data assets against organizational hypotheses is a common use case of data analytics, and the practice tends to be focused on business and strategy. Data analytics deals less in AI, machine learning, and predictive modeling, and more with viewing historical data in context.

The chief executive officer (CEO) is the highest-ranked executive in a company. The CEO has many responsibilities, ranging from setting strategy and direction to configuring the company’s culture, values, and behavior. The chief executive is also responsible for building an executive leadership team and allocating funds to match the company’s goals and priorities. Some CEOs have even more on their plate, especially those at the head of startups. Oftentimes they are responsible for more than just the traditional duties and can include anything from brewing coffee to marketing their product.

Solutions Review has compiled this list of the coolest data analytics CEOs based on a number of factors, including the company’s market share, growth trajectory, and the impact each individual has had on its presence in what is becoming the most competitive global software market. Some of the top data analytics CEOs have been with their respective companies since day one while others are serial entrepreneurs. One thing that stands out is the diversity of skills that these chief executives bring to the table, each with a unique perspective that allows their company to thrive.

Note: CEOs are listed in alphabetical order.

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The Coolest Data Analytics CEOs

Dan Streetman, TIBCO Software

Dan Streetman, TIBCO SoftwareDan Streetman is the Chief Executive Officer of TIBCO. Dan is an expert at leveraging real-time data to enable faster, smarter decisions. Prior to leading TIBCO, Dan helped propel significant data-driven transformations, most recently at BMC, Salesforce, and He is a strong advocate for creating cultures of collaboration, and he honed his leadership skills as a U.S. Army officer, serving in combat operations and receiving decorations including the Bronze Star. TIBCO Software closed on its acquisition of rival Information Builders in January.

Florian Winterstein, Jedox

Florian Winterstein, JedoxFlorian Winterstein is CEO of Jedox. He is an expert on fast-growing SaaS organizations with a career spanning more than 20 years in management and leadership of software and consulting companies and knows how to provide high-quality solutions. As a former chief strategy officer (CSO) of the BravoSolution Group, he brings comprehensive expertise in business and operational processes, growth strategies, and organizational development. Previously, he played a central role at international companies such as Lufthansa, Allianz, and ThyssenKrupp. Jedox raised $100 million in venture capital in January.

Jim Triandiflou, insightsoftware

Jim Triandiflou, insightsoftwareJim Triandiflou is the Chief Executive Officer at insightsoftware. Jim previously served as CEO of Relias from 2012-2020. Prior to Relias, Triandiflou was the founder and CEO of several successful high-growth companies. In December 2017, Triandiflou was named the Business Person of the Year by the Triangle Business Journal. insightsoftware acquired Logi Analytics in April, establishing it as a leader in integrating financial and operational reporting and expands the company’s market opportunity through embedded analytics for commercial software organizations and corporate application teams.

Justin Borgman, Starburst Data

Justin Borgman, Starburst DataJustin Borgman is a subject matter expert on all things big data & analytics. Prior to founding Starburst, he was Vice President & GM at Teradata (NYSE: TDC), where he was responsible for the company’s portfolio of Hadoop products. Justin joined Teradata in 2014 via the acquisition of his company Hadapt where he was co-founder and CEO. Hadapt created “SQL on Hadoop” turning Hadoop from a file system to an analytic database accessible by any BI tool. Starburst raised $100 million in Series C funding in January.

Luke Han, Kyligence

Luke Han, KyligenceLuke (Qing) Han is co-founder and CEO of Kyligence, also co-creator and PMC Chair of Apache Kylin, the leading open-source OLAP for Big Data, Microsoft Regional Director, and MVP. Former big data product lead of eBay and chief consultant of Actuate China. He has 10+ years of experience in Data Warehouses, Business Intelligence, and Big Data. Kyligence raised $70 million in Series D funding in April. The funding, which was led by SPDB International, brings the company’s total earned to more than $118 million since its founding in 2016.

Max Beauchemin, Preset

Max Beauchemin, PresetMax Beauchemin has worked at the leading edge of data and analytics his entire career, helping shape the discipline in influential roles at data-dependent companies like Yahoo!, Facebook, Airbnb, and Lyft. A leader in the open-source community, Max is the original creator of Apache Airflow, an open-source tool for orchestrating complex computational workflows and data processing pipelines, and Apache Superset, the popular open-source project underpinning Preset. Preset raised nearly $36 million in Series B funding in August.

Mike Cannon-Brookes, Atlassian

Mike Cannon-Brookes, AtlassianMike Cannon-Brookes is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Atlassian, a collaboration software company that helps teams organize, discuss and complete shared work. More than 182,000 large and small organizations across the world, including companies like Spotify, NASA, Mercy Ships, Sotheby’s and Visa use Atlassian’s collaboration products to help their teams work better together. Mike was the youngest person ever to be awarded the ‘Australian Entrepreneur of the Year’ in 2006 by Ernst & Young alongside Co-Founder and Co-CEO Scott Farquhar. Atlassian acquired data discovery tools vendor Chartio in March.

Scott Farquhar, Atlassian

Scott Farquhar, AtlassianScott Farquhar is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Atlassian, a collaboration software company that helps teams organize, discuss and complete shared work. More than 182,000 large and small organizations, NFPs, and government agencies across the world, including companies like ANZ bank, Spotify, Twilio, Mercy Ships and Visa use Atlassian’s collaboration products to help their teams work better together. In 2015, Scott helped spearhead Pledge 1%, a corporate philanthropy movement dedicated to making the community a key stakeholder in every business. 10 000 companies around the world have now joined. Atlassian acquired data discovery tools vendor Chartio in March.

Scott Jones, Incorta

Scott Jones, IncortaScott has more than 25 years of experience in building and managing global go-to-market teams in the enterprise software and marketing services industries, from early-stage and high-growth, to market-leading, public companies. Before Incorta, Scott served as president and chief revenue officer for automated analytics company Alteryx, a company he joined prior to its IPO. He helped build and scale Alteryx from $75M in revenue to more than $450M over four years. There, he also grew the customer base from 2,500 to more than 6,000 companies. Incorta raised $120 million in Series D funding in June.

Steven Mih, Ahana

Steven Mih, AhanaGo-to-Market Leader. Experienced in growing startups. Ardent fan of open source, distributed systems, and yoga. Presto Foundation Board Member. Former CEO of Alluxio and Aviatrix. Started out as a Field Sales Engineer at AMD. Ahana raised $20 million in Series A funding in August. Led by Third Point Ventures, the funding also included existing investors. Ahana will use the investment to continue to innovate in the open data lake analytics space by expanding its engineering and contributions to the open-source community.

Sudheesh Nair, ThoughtSpotSudheesh is the CEO of ThoughtSpot, the Modern Analytics Cloud company. Since joining in 2018, Sudheesh led the team that transitioned ThoughtSpot into a pure cloud company, including launching the company’s first SaaS platform, developer experience, and low-code embedded platform. Before ThoughtSpot, he was the President of Nutanix, where he grew annual revenue from $0 to over $1 billion and took the company public. ThoughtSpot acquired serverless data integration platform provider Diyotta in May. The acquisition will enable ThoughtSpot to expand integrations with best-of-breed services.

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