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Kissflow Unveils Digital Workplace Offering for Enterprises

Kissflow Unveils Digital Workplace Offering for Enterprises

Kissflow Unveils Digital Workplace Offering for Enterprises

Kissflow, a leader in business process and workflow management software used by organizations in over 160 countries, today announced its expansion into the digital workplace segment with a first-of-its-kind platform for fast-scaling enterprises. Kissflow Digital Workplace combines the power of project management, process automation and team collaboration to streamline business workflows and enterprise productivity.

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Kissflow, recognized as a key player by Gartner in the high productivity application Platform-as-a-Service space, has unleashed the power of business process automation — making it easier than ever for organizations to automate workflow and improve workforce productivity. With Kissflow’s unified digital workplace, audacious leaders and their teams can manage all types of work on a single, unified platform.

“Over the last six years, our world-class business process and workflow automation platform has enabled thousands of companies’ productivity processes across the globe,” said Kissflow’s CEO, Suresh Sambandam. “We’ve now embarked on a greater mission of providing an intuitive product that unifies the entire spectrum of work. Our new no-code platform is built on the consumer scale capabilities coupled with enterprise-level security of Google Kubernetes Engine, which is flexible enough to enable a perfect orchestration between various microservices of Kissflow.”

Kissflow puts the power of high-end process and project software into the hands of any business user. According to the announcement, the new end-to-end platform will enable organizations to replace disconnected point solutions through:

  • Collaborating on discussions and conversations using channels for smooth teamwork
  • Coordinating cases, projects and tasks using case management and project management for work efficiency
  • Controlling processes that can be easily automated using process management for predictable outcomes

The capabilities of Kissflow’s Digital Workplace offering can only be matched by combining functionalities of multiple other work management platforms. By eliminating siloed work automation, this new product makes a significant leap in enterprises’ ability to achieve a unified digital workplace. The combined market opportunity for collaboration, project management and workflow automation culminating into the new digital workplace opportunity is projected to the tune of $82.64 billion by 2023.

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