Solutions Review’s Best of 2018: Top Business Process Management Articles

The Best of 2018 - Top Business Process Management Articles

With the end of the year nearly upon us, the editors at Solutions Review thought now is the time to reflect upon the Business Process Management (BPM) market for enterprises: the research we’ve done, the best practices we compiled, and the analyst reports we’ve delved. Enterprises can find BPM confusing, complex, and expense. Part of our job here is to demystify BPM and make selecting the right solution easier through our extensive BPM articles.

In this light, we would like to present our personal choices for the Top BPM Articles of 2018. These articles represent some of the best we at Solutions Review do as we dive into a mature and essential BPM market. Here are our choices:

Top 10 Best Books on Business Process Management

“Here at Solutions Review, we understand that it can be difficult looking for the right BPM system for your business — that’s why we’ve created our BPM Buyer’s Guide, to help simplify this process for you. But with endless online articles, blogs, and videos directing you every which way, we get that it may help to take it back to basics and just open up a book. In this light, we’ve looked through the numerous books on BPM available out there and collected the most relevant and well reviewed books on the market. Find a nice, comfy armchair, grab your reading glasses, and read up!”

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