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‘Get Offa My Cloud’ —The Definitive Cloud Computing Playlist ♫


Happy Friday! Celebrate right with our top ten tracks for your cloud computing soundtrack, from oldies to funk to hip-hop, we’ve got something for everyone.

Get Off of My Cloud – The Rolling Stones

I imagine Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos humming this song to himself after revealing Amazon Web Services staggering 2014 cloud revenue.

Alternate title: Multitenancy Blues.

It’s Just a Cloud Away – Pharrell Williams

Rapid application development, storage solutions, data integration, CRM, ERP—it’s all just a cloud away.

Cloudy –  Simon and Garfunkel 

The predictions are in. 2015’s forecast? Cloudy.

Above The Clouds – Gangstarr feat. Inspectah Deck  Warning: Explicit Lyrics

This hip-hop classic goes out to all of the enterprises still balking at the thought of cloud adoption. What, you think you’re better than us???

Too Much Information – The Police 

If you feel that you relate to this song too much, please consult Solutions Review’s Data Integration site for help.

The Platform – Dilated Peoples 

Hey Satya Nadella, if Microsoft is a ‘platform company’ now, does that make this your new theme song?

Virtual Insanity – Jamiroquai

Jamiroquai was onto virtual machines 18 years ago. It’s a shame those hats never caught on, though. Also, why doesn’t my living room look like that? It’s 2015, we were supposed to have these things by now.

Computer Blue – Prince

This is how HP felt after being dropped from Gartner’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) magic quadrant for 2015. Why, Gartner? Why?

Just kidding, we all know why.   ♫ There must be something wrong with the machinery  ♫

No Compute – Funkadelic 

Looks like somebody is experiencing some downtime. Better talk to your vendor about that SLA again.

Computer Love – Zapp & Roger 

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