Video: CEOs Discuss Ecosystem Collaboration in the Cloud Era

In 2015, Enterprise adoption of public and hybrid cloud services is growing faster than ever, but as Larry Ellison recently said, in many ways cloud computing is still “in its infancy.” So where does the cloud go from here? One of the best places to look for clues is startups.

In this 30-minute webcast, which aired Nov. 10, 2014, CEOs from startups such as Ustream, Pick1 and more discuss the importance and role of cloud in fueling and building an ecosystem, as well as the cloud capabilities and tools needed for emerging startups to succeed.

Host Sandy Carter (@sandy_carter), GM of Ecosystem Development at IBM is joined by Mark Gorenberg of Zetta Venture Partners, Brad Hunstable (@bhunstable), CEO and founder of Ustream, Dr. Joonas Lehtinen (@joonaslehtinen) CEO of Vaadin, and Paolo Privitera (@pppaolo), CEO of Pick1.




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