Microsoft Wants to Help You Take Control of Your Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

OMSOn Monday, at the first annual Microsoft Ignite conference in Chicago, Microsoft announced a new addition to its suite of cloud-based solutions: Operations Management Suite, or OMS for short. OMS will simplify IT management by allowing users to manage workloads across multiple cloud services from a variety of vendors, including Azure, Amazon Web Services, Windows Server, Linux, VMware, and OpenStack.

” [OMS] helps simplify management of your data center assets wherever they live,” wrote Microsoft product manager, Jeremy Winder, in an official blog post. “That means any instance in any cloud, including your data center, Azure, AWS, Windows Server, Linux, VMware, and OpenStack.”

Key OMS features include:

  • Log Analytics, which allows users to search millions of records across infrastructures and machines to identify the cause of operational issues.
  • Security features for identifying malware status and missing system updates, performing security audits and breach analysis, and identity and access management controls.
  • Availability controls to enable application and data protection for all apps and servers across a multi-cloud environment
  • Automation for complex and repetitive operations in a hybrid cloud environment.

OMS is a cautious play at the largely open market for management tools that work for businesses using multi-cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructure environments. Use of Hybrid cloud environments is growing, but so far there are few unified solutions, as large vendors, such as AWS, Microsoft, and Google, would prefer to keep users in their own cloud environment.

The release of OMS is just the latest in a series of broad steps towards the cloud for Microsoft.

Last week, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that the company is a “platform company” with plans to raise cloud revenues to an annual $20B by 2018. Microsoft cloud services revenues for 2014 totalled $6.3B, and enterprise adoption of Microsoft’s Office 365 is up.

OMS is generally available today, and a free preview is available online.

For more information, check out Microsoft’s official videos below:


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