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An Introduction to the Solutions Offered by Platform9

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An Introduction to the Solutions Offered by Platform9
The cloud works so well for modern enterprises due to its speed, delivery, simplicity, and more. However, cloud costs often get out of hand if users don’t carefully monitor and manage usage. These costs often come from faster than expected scaling. Since cloud has become a staple in enterprise computing, users must rely on effective cost management tools.

The cost management market offers a diverse set of solutions focusing on specific areas. Platform9 recently released ‘Arbitrage,’ which allows users to dynamically run nodes in a cluster on Amazon EC2 Spot Instances. The company also offers solutions for Kubernetes management, a serverless framework, and more.


Arbitrage lets organizations allocate cloud capacity to automatically optimize cost and infrastructure utilization at the lowest price. It also ensures meeting availability and performance SLAs.

Users can define what percentage of nodes in a Kubernetes cluster to deploy as EC2 Spot instances at adjustable bid prices. Fault tolerance and performance can also be defined. Arbitrage continuously evaluates the pricing of cloud resources against target SLAs. This leads to automatic decisions on whether Spot instances or EC2 instances will be deployed.

Organizations can harness Arbitrage to lower EC2 costs without sacrificing fault tolerance for crucial Kubernetes-based applications.

Kubernetes SaaS

Now, Platform9 offers far more than cloud cost management. They offer an SaaS-managed, infrastructure agnostic, public or on-prem solution for managing Kubernetes. Additionally, it is fully integrated and runs anywhere. It integrates with out-of-the-box capabilities like end-to-end security, multi-tenant controls for users quotas, and integration with storage and load-balancer.


The company also built Fission, which is an open-source function-as-a-service serverless framework for Kubernetes. Fission works to reduce the time and effort spent on infrastructure operations while developing. Functions get deployed instantly with one command. Fission automates complexities in packaging, deploying, and managing applications.

Fission allows clusters to be deployed as serverless, FaaS solutions, and microservice-based architectures. Users can deploy serverless apps on FaaS while using Kubernetes for more complex applications. It allows the reusing of cluster management, log aggregation, tracing, and scheduling capabilities from Kubernetes.

Be sure to check out more from Platform9 here.

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