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Salesforce Announces New Einstein Search Features

Salesforce Announces New Einstein Search Features

Salesforce Announces New Einstein Search Features

CRM provider Salesforce has announced the release of its new Einstein Search tool. Harnessing the power of AI, Einstein Search will bring intelligent search capabilities to Salesforce CRM users. These new features include personalized results tailored to each user, relevant results from natural language queries, and an actionable search bar for quicker time to value.

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With this update, Salesforce aims to tackle the two main problems of enterprise search: the first is that CRM is used by a diverse user base with a diverse set of goals. Different teams need access to different information and tools. The second challenge is siloed and dissimilar data. Each business utilizes their CRM differently, and customizes their work environment to fit their unique needs. Therefore, a blanket search model won’t benefit all customers in the same manner.

With relevant results from natural language queries, Einstein Search knows how to interpret search terms in a human-like manner, while taking into consideration how it relates to Salesforce. This allows for faster, simpler ways to retrieve sets of information. Customizable search bar actions can result in an up to 50% reduction in clicks and page loads for frequently-used tasks.

“If you’re like 93% of people connected to the internet, you use a search engine to find, purchase, or learn about pretty much anything that comes to mind. Consumer search engines provide a seamless way for us to make sense of our complex world. And consumers are used to a search experience that is fast, accurate, and constantly improving,” says Salesforce VP of Product management Will Breetz. “In building this feature, we had to completely rethink the search experience so that it would scale to our hundreds of thousands of customers … Search should help you quickly find critical information and drive productivity to help resolve customer issues faster.”

To learn more about these new features, click here. 

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