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Salesforce Unveils Digital 360 CRM Solution — New CRM Technology For The All-Digital Age

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Salesforce Unveils Digital 360 CRM Solution — New CRM Technology For The All-Digital Age

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Salesforce has announced “Digital 360” to its Salesforce Customer 360 CRM solution, according to an update on the vendor’s website. The intent is to combine key elements within Salesforce Customer 360 and allow digital leaders to take control of their CRM experience from anywhere. It also benefits from expert services, a massive partner ecosystem, and new learning resources on Trailhead. These efforts are made in order to keep the work-from-anywhere world moving forward steadily and successfully.

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Digital 360 implements a combination of Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Experience Cloud. This allows for a one-stop center for any CRM needs through the vendor. Salesforce has also announced a new component, Commerce Cloud Payments. This allows for businesses to create click-based payments on their sites, instead of relying on code-based payments. Digital 360 Trailhead is an educational tool that provides on-demand lessons to teams. The aim is to prepare them to thrive in the all-digital climate of modern times. Salesforce’s partnership with Google allows for collaboration between Google Analytics 360 and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This means that web, mobile, email, and advertising campaigns all can be controlled from just one cloud.

Salesforce has also issued several release dates and expectations regarding these services and features. Experience Cloud software is available as of today. Salesforce will release Customer 360 in October 2020. Commerce Cloud Payments will be available generally later this year. Salesforce will power more than 150,000 companies and millions of “Trailblazers”, individuals interacting with their technology, this year.

Adam Blitzer, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Digital at Salesforce, had this to say during an online event today. “Every company has gone digital overnight because of the pandemic. With Digital 360, we’re delivering the full power of Salesforce tailored to digital leaders—our products, ecosystem, learning and expert services—enabling them to move with the speed, agility, and scale they need to operate at Black Friday levels every single day.”

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